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Moon rising from the ocean

How I Shot the Moon

I’ve always wanted to photograph the moon. I tried quite a few times without much success. The moon came out as a bright small dot on a black background. Very disappointing. Last week I noticed the bright harvest moon on a walk to the nearby beach. But of course, I was not prepared to take […]

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Zion bw

10 Photography Quotes That Inspire Me

If you’ve been following my blog, I am sure you’ve noticed that some of my articles start with a quote. Most of them are photography quotes from famous photographers. I am not really a big “quote” fan in my everyday life. Sometimes I think they can be a little corny. For some reason, the opposite […]

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Speeding BMW 6-Series

How to Capture Motion in Your Photos

I really love how cameras can transform motion into art, sometimes abstract and interesting. Yes, we all get frustrated when the pictures don’t come out as we expected. “This is not what I saw!.” “This shot doesn’t even come close to the atmosphere and the feeling when I took it.” Yes, I know. It can be […]

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Mt. Auburn Cemetery Cambridge MA

Welcome, Spring!

Dear Spring, I’m so happy you are here. I really like winter, I love the snow, but enough with the cold. I am ready for you. You are warmer, brighter and bring everything to life again. Well… just about everything and you’ll see below what I mean. We are ready to get our cameras out […]

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