Yellow and pink flower shot with Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 5D Mark IV Review

It has been a year since I upgraded from Canon 5D Mark II to Canon 5D Mark IV and I am so happy I made this decision. I liked my Mark II and I didn’t see the need to spend the extra cash to upgrade to 5D Mark IV. I even considered getting the Mark III instead, but I finally decided to go with Mark IV. I never thought that I was going to spend so much money on a camera, but it didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that it was money well spent. I loved it from the minute I unpacked it and started using it and I love it even more today.  

This is what I like the most.  

AF System 

If you are familiar with Mark II, you probably understand why autofocus is the number one on my list. Canon 5D Mark IV has a 61 point AF system and a Dual Pixel CMOS AF for Live View shooting.  This is a huge improvement from the 9 focus points inside the Mark II. The camera focuses much faster and it does a much better job focusing in low light.  

Live View 

I never used the Live View on my previous camera, partially because focusing was a pain. Not with Mark IV’s 3.2’’ touch panel LCD; you can now accurately focus with just a touch of a finger. Speaking of the LCD screen, it’s worth mentioning that it’s bright, sharp, and it’s visible even in bright light conditions and even if you wear polarized sunglasses.  

Low Light Performance 

Featuring an ISO range of 100–32000 (expandable to 50–102400), EOS 5D Mark IV performs incredibly well in low-light situations. Its sensor has an improved noise-processing algorithm to help deliver high-level light sensitivity along with its high resolution, with virtually no compromise in image quality. I took the shot below at 12500 ISO and I was impressed by the noise reduction functionality. I typically recommend not shooting at ISO much above 800, but not with this camera. Use a 2000 ISO and you are totally safe and have no worries if you go even higher.  

Sewing machine shot with Canon 5d mark IV

Dynamic Range 

According to tests conducted by the DXOMark website, the Canon 5D Mark IV sensor was the best they’ve ever tested on any Canon DSLR, and I can see why. I am not a big HDR fan, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially in high contrast situations. Well, not if you shoot with this camera. I processed the high-contrast image below in Lightroom with only one exposure. Truly amazing. No HDR needed to expand the dynamic range.  Have a look at the before and after images.

Chicago street shot with Canon 5D Mark IV



Chicago shot with Canon 5d Mark IV



Built-in WiFi/NFC Technology 

This comes in handy when you are traveling and you don’t have your laptop with you. You can quickly download the photos on your phone or tablet using the free Canon Camera Connect app. You can also set the camera to shoot remotely, even in Live View mode, with complete control of settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc.  

Built-in GPS 

Although I found the enabled GPS to be a battery drainer, I really like to be able to tag my images with critical location data. Often when I travel, I don’t remember exactly where I took certain photos, but now I don’t have to. You can see them on the map in Lightroom.

Shutter Noise 

Maybe I am extra sensitive to noise, but the shutter click on the Mark II used to drive me crazy. It was so loud and annoying. The shutter of Canon 5D Mark IV is so much more pleasant and it can be adjusted to a more silent mode (I believe that Mark III also has this ability).  

In conclusion, I am really impressed with my new Canon 5D Mark IV. It exceeded all my expectations. If you are thinking of upgrading to a new camera, I highly recommend that you consider the Mark IV, especially if you currently own a Mark II. If you own a Mark III, however, I am not sure if you will be as blown away by Mark IV as I was, because I heard great things about Mark III as well.  

Happy Canon Shooting! 

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  1. Damon Meister | November 27, 2017 at 11:07 PM #

    Thanks for sharing the review. This stuff is… expensive to rent and try out. I may end up with the older 1DX after all.
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