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7 Fall Pictures Ideas

The beautiful fall foliage colors of Vermont are a major attraction for New Englanders during Columbus Day weekend. A perfect opportunity for capturing some great fall pictures. This year the weather didn’t fully cooperate. It was warm for this time of the year and the mix of dramatic clouds, pouring rain, gusty winds, and some end-of-day sunshine made for interesting photos.

Here are some ideas for your fall pictures, even when the weather is not as beautiful as you expected.

1. Don’t include the sky

On an overcast day, the sky will look washed out in your photos, so it’s better not to include it. You can also partially cover it, like I did in the photo below, using the trees branches.

fall picture covered bridge

2. Get low

Try getting low on the ground for a different perspective.

fall picture haystacks

3. Be patient

I took the shot below in the mountains of Killington VT after waiting patiently for the sun to peek out and light up the valley. The gusting winds didn’t stop me. Dark clouds can add a dramatic effect to your fall pictures, so don’t be disheartened if the sky is not blue.

fall picture vermont

4. Search for waterfalls

Before you go, do some research to see if there are any rivers or waterfalls in the area. You don’t need bright sunshine to photograph waterfalls since the sun will create high contrast. It was pouring rain when I capture the picture below. For waterfalls, you do need a tripod.

fall picture waterfall

5. Include a focal point

It’s great to capture the colorful leaves, but finding a point of interest really helps.

covered bridge vt

6. Zoom in

You will be tempted to capture the entire beautiful vista, but don’t forget to zoom in occasionally.

7. Go off the beaten path

Try taking some less crowded back roads to capture some quiet shots.

Grab your camera and go capture the beauty of autumn and don’t worry about the weather.

Happy fall shooting!

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