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5 Tips for Better Parade Photos

Since it’s the season for parades, I want to give you some quick tips and ideas for shooting better, more interesting parade photos.

1. Use a telephoto lens

I recommend using a telephoto lens because it allows you to make the subject stand out more. You can zoom in when you’re not able to get too close and you can nicely blur the background if you use a large aperture. I used my Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L Lens for the shots below.

2. Find a good spot

It’s important to find a spot that gives you a less distracting background if possible. Even a blurry background can be distracting if you have bright colors in it, such as red, yellow or blue. Ideally you should get there early and aim for a “first row” spot.

Parade PhotosParade Photos

3. Watch your shutter speed

Aperture is important if you want to isolate your subject from the background. I recommend using Aperture Priority mode. However, keep in mind that sometimes your subjects will be moving pretty fast. You want to ensure that your speed will not get too low. What do you do if you are using the widest aperture and the speed is getting too low? Increase the ISO. Read more about ISO here.

Parade Photos

Parade Photos4. Interact with parade participants

By interacting with the participants I don’t mean shaking hands or striking some awkward conversations. You can wave at them or do anything that grabs their attention. This way they will be looking at you and you can take a more personal shot.

Parade Photos Parade Photos

5. Get low

Getting low on one knee or sitting down does at least two things: it helps you take more interesting shots and you will not make the subjects uncomfortable by sticking the camera in their face.

Parade Photos Parade Photos

I hope you found these parade photography tips helpful. Go take some great shots and have fun with it.

Have a great summer.

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  1. Mike S | June 29, 2015 at 10:09 AM #

    Great tips, just in time for July 4th. Lovely pictures as well.

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