Abstract Photography Ideas

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I spent a lot time talking about photography rules, what to do and what not to do when taking pictures. Sometimes breaking these rules and letting your creativity run wild really pays off.

There is no clear definition of abstract photography so I am not going to waste your time with too many words. I’d rather share a few examples to give you some abstract photography ideas. I encourage you to look for colors, patterns, lines, curves, etc. Approach the subject from different angles, get closer, look up, look down, whatever it takes. Keep in mind that abstract photography doesn’t always represent a subject in a literal way. It relies on the photographer’s eye and emotions.

Here are some examples to help you get started with your abstract photography. Enjoy.



Grand Canyon Building Interior


Lamp from the top


wood texture


red and yellow candles


Metal Lobster traps


Chairs under colored lights


yellow flowers


Utah national parks




Eye of London


Random people




Dressed up trees


Tree trunk details




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