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Christmas Lights in Cape Cod

A few nights ago I decided to bring my camera with me on my walk through downtown Sandwich. I don’t do this very often because I find night photography pretty difficult and frustrating. I saw so many nice Christmas lights and decorations from the car and I convinced myself to go take a few pictures.

Creative and captivating, theses colorful lights definitely put you in a Christmas mood. The fire department, the library, the restaurants and even the church seem to have entered a holiday lights display competition. The only thing missing was snow.

Christmas Lights-7


Here is a display at the old church in town:

Christmas Lights-5

Too dark? Here is a guy lighting the path to a great restaurant in town:

Christmas Lights-2

The firefighter is always ready to serve:

Christmas Lights

You can see these unique holiday light creations throughout the entire town’s historic village. How about a cloud blowing wind from the roof of a store on Main street? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Christmas Lights-6

I really enjoyed my quick trip and I am so happy that I was able to take a few decent pictures of holiday lights. I used my Canon 40mm Pancake lens for all these pictures. If you missed my review, check it out here.  I had to use a very high ISO for most pictures (up to 3200). Luckily my Canon 5D Mark II does a really good job in low light.

Now it’s your turn to go capture some Christmas spirit. And don’t forget to share them with the Balcony.

Happy Holidays!

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