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6 Ideas For Your Autumn Pictures

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ― Jim Bishop

Only a few more weeks until the official start of fall. I know we are all sad that summer is over, but it’s time to get the camera ready and get excited about fall. I suggest you do your homework before you head out. Here is a foliage map  you can use to plan your trip. You don’t want to drive a few hours and find out that the foliage has not peaked yet or, even worse, it’s past peak.

What to photograph? Here are a few ideas and tips for your fall photos this year. You can also review my older blogs related to fall photography  and autumn fairs.

1. Leaves

You definitely want to photograph the wonderful colors of fall. A few rays of sunshine through the leaves can help.

Fall foliage yellow and orange trees

Fall foliage Boston MA

2. Colors

Including some flowers can make your photos even more colorful. Just like the pink bushes in the shot below. It’s okay to include buildings, stairs, etc. in your shot. They can also help your composition.

Fall foliage and stairs to wooden building

3. Haystacks

In the US (New England area) they are round, like the ones in the photo below. Different regions and countries form their haystacks in different shapes. They are pretty cool and worth photographing. A foliage background also helps create the autumn mood.


4. Close-ups

Get closer, zoom in. Flowers and weeds can make interesting shots. Take a look at the milkweed pictured below.

Milkweed close-up

5. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are definitely a symbol of autumn. Capture a few shots when you go to pick up your pumpkins for Halloween.

Pumpking against fall foliage

6. Performers

Heading to the local fair? Don’t forget your camera. Snap a few shots of the performers. I took these photos at King’s Richard Faire this past weekend.

Performers King Richard's Faire

Lots of entertainment and …beers.

Performers King Richard's Faire-3

I hope these ideas got you in an autumn mood and opened your appetite for some great shots. Get your gear ready, fall is just around the corner.

Happy fall shooting!

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