Introducing “Reviews From the Balcony”

I’ve written quite a few articles since the inception of PhotoBalcony. Most of them contain photography tips and ideas and only very few include product reviews or recommendations. To my surprise, these articles were the most popular with Balcony readers; and I can see why. It is so difficult to decide what product is right for you, if it’s worth the price, if  you are going to be happy with it, how long it will last, etc. And we all know, they can be pretty pricey.

I decided to make your life a little easier. I love trying new products, I get very excited and don’t think much before I buy them. I do a little research however, but it’s so hard to find unbiased, honest reviews. More often than not, I am happy with the product, but sometimes I am disappointed.

By introducing “Reviews from the Balcony”, I plan to share with you my option on different photography products that I have tried. The review format will be pretty simple and easy to follow. Pay special attention to the Balcony score and the Balcony verdict. I will be reviewing camera bags, lenses, post processing software, photography books, etc.

So what to expect for the next few months? More photography product reviews. Does it mean that you will not see anymore tips and ideas? Not really. I will still share great photography information but I will focus mainly on reviews and recommendations.

I hope these reviews will make your purchase decisions a little easier. Come back to the Balcony and check out the Reviews from the Balcony.

Happy shooting!


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