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Happy Holidays

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. – Janice Maeditere

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months since the inception of PhotoBalcony. I honestly  didn’t expect to enjoy blogging this much. 20 articles  published, roughly one per week, and I am so grateful for all your feedback and encouragement. I truly enjoyed sharing with you photography tips that I learned either by experiencing myself or reading different books, articles or other blogs.

As we are approaching the end of 2012, I would like to thank so much for your interest and support. I really hope you enjoyed my photos and my articles and will come back for more next year. A special thank you to all the subscribers. The thought that you receive updates from the Balcony in your inbox every week motivates me to keep writing.

Here’s what to expect in 2013: more photography tips and creative ideas, more tutorials on post processing, tips on how to start your own photography website or blog, unbiased photography product reviews and much more. It will be a great year for PhotoBalcony. Lots of things that you can’t afford to miss; and please remember to share what you see with your friends.

I would like to wish all the Balcony readers a great Holiday Season, inspiration and ideas to take great photos.

See you in January 2013. Until then, the Balcony is on vacation.

Stay warm!


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