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8 Things to Capture at the Autumn Fair

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. – William Cullen Bryant

Autumn has its own charm. First thing that comes to mind when you think about this wonderful season is the foliage, of course. The trees turn into a sea of beautiful colors; we seek scenic roads through the woods; we take lots of pictures and wish that fall will never end. How about apple picking, hayrides at the pumpkin farm, and how can I not mention the autumn fairs?

Most of us have great memories from childhood about going to the local fair and waiting all year long for the next one. Fun rides, great food, toys, how can we not remember?  Autumn fairs have been and still are like a little paradise for little ones and for grown-ups alike

If you are heading to your local fair this season, why not bring the camera with you and capture some highlights. Not sure what to photograph? Here are some ideas.

1. Fast and fun rides

Here you want to capture motion, thrill, and dizziness. I used a slower shutter speed in the image above and I took multiple shots, hoping that I would end up with some decent ones. This can be a little tricky, but the good thing here is that you don’t have to worry about the sharpness of the image. The out of focus is what creates the motion sensation.

2. Interesting demonstrations

The old engine in this picture was part of an antique gas engine display. A slower shutter speed allowed me to capture the motion of the wheel. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the strong exhaust smell.

3. Autumn displays

All fairs have colorful harvest displays, some more creative than others. They include just about anything that could remind you of autumn: pumpkins, corn stock, mums, etc. I did saturate the colors in the photo above, just to emphases the colorfulness of the display.

4. Toys

Since you’ll probably end up buying some toys anyway, why not capture your kids’ joy of playing with them. Didn’t bring your own kids? No problem, just look around and I bet you’ll see joyous children playing everywhere.

5. Food

How can I not mention the delicious, yummy fair food? Cheese fries, fried dough, giant eclairs, cotton candy, caramel apples, just to name a few. So mouth watering and so loaded with calories, but they are part of the experience. Why not take a few shots before you take the first bite?

If on the way home you decide to stop at a farm to pick some apples or pumpkins, snap a few photos since you have the camera with you. Here are some suggestions.

6. Scarecrows

Yes, they are meant to be scary, but sometimes they are rather cool and funny looking; like this upside down scarecrow that caught my eye in the pumpkin field.

7. Pumpkins
I know, when we think about pumpkins, we all expect to see a bright orange. I decided to convert this photo to black and white and it turned out pretty interesting. Try this with some of your pictures and you may be pleased with the result.
8. Apples

I’ve always liked apple orchards. My grandparents had a pretty large one behind their house and I really enjoyed walking though it and tasting the different types of apples until my stomach couldn’t take another bite.  Why not take take a few shots in the orchard?

Now that you have some suggestions for capturing the magic of autumn, get out there, bring the camera with you, take some great shots and share them with the Balcony.

What are your favorite things to photograph in the autumn?

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